About Me

Hi there!

I'm Mina, a UX designer based in Seattle, WA. I am interested in understanding what people think, how they feel, and the reasons behind their behaviors. I also find observing our society and exploring different cultures fascinating. This passion led me to study sociology for my bachelor's degree at UC Berkeley.

After graduation, I mostly worked on localization projects for a tech company in the Bay area. I've come across UX design because I lived in Silicon Valley. Right away, I could see the similarities between sociology and UX design. I hope to incorporate my knowledge and insights about people as a sociologist into UX design. And that's why I believe in data-driven design.

Most recently, I graduated from the Human Centered Design and Engineering department with a Master's degree at the University of Washington in 2023.

I think good design is simple, easy to use, achieves its goal, and gives a pleasant experience.

During my free time, I enjoy watching Korean dramas, movies, and cartoons. It's fun, and it also helps me understand people better because I can see things from their points of view. After moving to Seattle, I have a new list of my hobbies. Fishing, hammocking, and bird watching in Green Lake are among them.

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