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Federal Contract Project

Internship • UI/UX Design • User Interview

A brief note on the internship project during the Summer of 2023.

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Search Interface Redesign

Internship • UI/UX Design • Project Management • Design Library

Designing a more streamlined search experience.

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Mobile Web • Usability Testing • Project Management

Washington State’s birds and birding sites at your fingertips.

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Seattle Audubon Website

Sponsored Project • Website Redesign • IA • Usability Testing

Redesigned the website to increase its usability, navigation, and accessibility.

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Masters Program • Mobile App • UI/UX Design • Usability Testing

A gym buddy finder app to help women feel welcomed and confident in strength training spaces.

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Road Crossing Game

p5.js • JavaScript Library • HTML • CSS

Using p5.js, I created a game in which the goal is to cross the road while avoiding all the fast-moving cars. After opening the link, click on the game to enable the program. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control the sheep character.